Clearnace: Kanger Arymi Argo AIO

Clearance: $14.99 Kanger Arymi Argo All In One Starter Kit

June 11, 2017 Kanger Arymi Argo AIO

Clearnace: Kanger Arymi Argo AIOKanger Arymi Argo All In One Starter Kit Clearance Sale.

The Arymi Argo All In One Starter Kit coming out of Kanger’s new subdivision is based off of the Arymi Armor Stealth system, shrinking down the overall size by utilizing a side by side, all in one chassis that packs in a 1600 mAh battery bank into a small and pocketable form factor. The Argo is machined out of Zinc Alloy and features a minimalist design controlled via a single button with feedback coming from a vertical LED array located below the tank portion. Despite the small overall dimensions, the Arymi Argo brings a heavy duty weight and heft to ensure a durable and premium feel and balance. Integrated within the chassis is a 1600 mAh battery bank, which drives output down to 0.15 ohms, and is recharged at a maximum rate of 1A through the Micro USB port located at the base of the device. The Argo’s tank reservoir sits adjacent to the chipset, with a maximum capacity of 1.9ml, and utilizes the Clean Hands Coil (CHC) family that debuted with the Arymi Stealth Kit. Each CHC features a coil and drip tip that is fused together, providing even more expedient and hassle free removal and replacement. Unthreading the drip tip will allow users to pour up to 1.9 milliliters of liquid into the tank capacity, while reassembly involves little interaction besides threading the coil to the tank section. The knurled collar located around the fill port doubles as the glass tank attachment point, and can be unthreaded and removed to perform convenient maintenance and glass replacement. Integrated within the drip tip are two 7mm by 2mm each, and with the design and positioning of the airflow, provides near spill and leak-proof use. Designed as a simple to operate, compact and durable system, the Army Argo All In One Starter Kit is an excellent choice as an entry level system or as a heavy duty travel system.

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Kanger Arymi Argo AIO