Vaping Discounts FAQ

Here are a few little tidbits about Vaping Discounts


Does Vaping Discounts sell anything?

Vaping Discounts does not sell any vape gear or eliquids. We do sell advertising space and the prices for that can be found here.
Vaping Discounts also sells some apparel with the VPD logo on it. This can be found here
Buy t-shirts, mugs & gifts from Vaping Discounts.


Is the stuff Vaping Discounts advertise real or clones?

Vaping Discounts advertises for many companies and many different products. We strive to be as accurate as possible when we list an ad. If we feel that an item is a clone then we will list that item as “clone” or “style”. Many times we will also use the word “Authentic” or “Original” for something that is not a clone. If a vendor is not honest with Vaping Discounts and we find this out we will pull their advertising. We are all about being transparent.


Why isn’t the vendor listed on the Fast Deal?

Sadly many of the manufacturers set a minimum price that something can be sold for. If a vendor is caught selling lower than this they can lose the ability to purchase from the manufacturer. Because of this we do not advertise the company and release that information when contacted about the deal.


What information does Vaping Discounts keep on its users?

Vaping Discounts only stores the email addresses of its newsletter subscribers. We have no need for any other information. We do collect other details from contest winners but that information is only used to ship the prize and then the information is destroyed.


What do I have to do to get my item as a Fast Deal?

If you are a vendor and you have an item that you feel is an extremely low price and you want to advertise it as a Fast Deal then contact Vaping Discounts here: Fast Deal Submission.
There are a couple of requirements to be a Fast Deal. First we require that you have at the very least a minimum qty of 10 pieces of the item submitted for Fast Deal. Second we need to run the Fast Deal for a max of 48hrs or until supplies last, which ever comes sooner. Lastly we can only run one Fast Deal at a time. They will be listed in the order that we receive them so please understand this.