Far West Vapor: Vape Stands or Works Of Art

Far West Vapor Vape Stands

Far West Vapor Vape Stands Review

By: Cameron Skaggs

If you’re anything like me (and I know most of you are) you have vape paraphernalia literally everywhere. I’ve got tons of mods, tanks, batteries and drip tips just laying around, thrown in drawers and cluttering up the entire house. The problem is I’m normally super organized when it comes to other things, but hadn’t been able to get a handle on my vape gear. But now all that’s changed my friends, thanks to the amazing stands from Far West Vapor. I’m gonna give you the run down on the 3 stands I received from them and why I think they should be your go-to when it comes to buying stands for your vape gear.


First up is the Protégé XL –Far West Vapor Protege XL Vapor Stand

The Protégé XL is the smallest stand in their line up, but it’s also super versatile. It has space for two devices, 2 attys/tanks and 2 drip tips. This is the stand that goes all over the house with me. Whether I’m relaxing and watching TV or reading a book, or cooking in the kitchen this stand is in use. Little tip, one of the device slots is the perfect size for a 30ml bottle of juice, so for someone like me that drips all the time it’s the perfect set up to hold my mod and juice with out anything falling over. The stain and lacquer on the stand is beautiful and the wells in the device slots are felt lined so you don’t have to worry about scratching your devices up. It has 4 rubber feet on the bottom at each corner, so the stand won’t slip and slide around no matter what surface you place it on. The Protégé Xl comes in the following finishes- Cabernet, Traditional Cherry, Red Mahogany, Golden Pecan, Dark Walnut and Ebony. So you can find nearly any finish to match the other furniture in your home.


Far West Vapor Artisan XL Vapor StandThe Artisan XL –

The Artisan XL is the next step up in Far West Vapors’ line of stands. This beauty has space for 4 devices, 8 attys/ tanks and 8 drip tips as well. This is my living room stand these days so I can jump between several devices without having to make a trip back to the bed room. Like the Protégé, the device slots are the perfect size for 30ml bottles of juice as well and the device slots are felt lined just the same. The Artisan XL is also avaible in Cabernet, Traditional Cherry, Red Mahogany, Golden Pecan, Dark Walnut and Ebony just like the protégé. If you’re trying to match this up to your living room furniture, you’ve got a ton of options to choose from.


Far West Vapor Sun Carousel Vape StandThe Sun Carousel –

This is my favorite stand of the bunch and now solely occupies my bed side table and does the job of keeping track of the majority of my devices(the ones I use most anyways). This big boy holds 15 devices, 15 attys/tanks and 10 drip tips. The best thing about it is that it’s built onto a rotating base so you can spin the stand around 360 degrees to reach all of your devices. Like the other two stands, all device slots are felt lined so you don’t’ have to worry about scratches. The fit and finish is immaculate from the carving down to the stain and lacquer. Like the other two stands in this review it is also available in Cabernet, Traditional Cherry, Mahogany Red, Golden Pecan, Dark Walnut and Ebony to match the other stands you’ve most surely bought from them and any furniture in your home!


Something as simple as a vape stand can sometimes be hard to talk about, after all it’s just constructed from some sort of material with holes all in it to hold your devices, drips tips, batteries, juice, etc, etc. Far West has done something a little different than the rest in my opinion. These stands are hand made from wood, beautifully stained and lacquered to the point where they’re almost a work of art. They went the extra mile to felt line everything to prevent scratching on your devices and counter sunk holes for the 510 connections on your tanks/attys so they sit solidly in the stand. This is not some over priced piece of plastic and I wouldn’t want to put my devices in something like that anyways. We’re living in a vape world where high end mech mods can fetch over $200 and high end juice lines have crept above the $1 per ml line. If you’re into nice things, then definitely look here for your vape stand needs. The even better part about these amazing stands, they’re not over priced. That sun Carosuel up there, it’s on sale at www.farwestvapor.com right now for $82.97. That’s a steal for something this well constructed and I know for a fact you will be more than happy that you decided to part with a little of that much coveted vape budget to get some organization going on. Your mods and tanks will thank you.  Give Brian at Far West Vapor a shout and he’ll get you set up, if you don’t like the colors they have to choose from you can opt for a custom color for only $5 more.



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