Save 50% On eliquid During End Of Summer Break Sale

50% Off Eliquid: End of Summer Break Sale At Verde Valley Vapes

July 30, 2017 Verde Valley Vapes

Save 50% On eliquid During End Of Summer Break SaleSave 50% During The End Of Summer Break Sale At Verde Valley Vapes.

“Summer is coming to an end, so we’re heading to Scottsdale for a few days before the kiddos go back to school. We know we just ran a Double sale, but since we won’t be at the office until Wednesday, we’re rewarding patience! We will fulfill orders in sequence so, the earlier you place your order, the closer to Wednesday it will be fulfilled. We want to end July with a bang so you can either save 50% or earn TRIPLE Free 100mls! The 50% off code isn’t valid on Sample Packs and the Triple 100mls code requires a $25 min purchase. The 2 cannot, I repeat cannot, be combined. If you use the 50% off code, we will not send any Free 100mls, even if you put them in your order. If you use the Triple code and forget some flavors, shoot us an email and we’ll add them for you. Don’t make a second order just for the Free 100mls.

*Code: HoHoHo50* = 50% off your order but NO Free 100mls. Not valid on Sample Packs. No minimum purchase.

*Code: VacaTriple* = 3xFree 100mls for every $25 you spend on product, before shipping. No savings, just lots and lots of juice! $25 minimum purchase for code to work.

THE 2 CANNOT BE COMBINED. The half off prices on the pic are only if you use the 50% off code. If you choose to use the Triple code, the regular prices are what you’ll pay. 

Please use the Free 100ml Selector to choose flavors, if you qualify for any Free 100mls. You can either use the product separate times for the amount you qualify for, or you can use it once and add it to the cart the amount of times you qualify for and then tell us the additional flavors in the notes of that product. ”


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50% Off Eliquid @ Verde Valley Vapes