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 Vaping Discounts About Us:

Vaping Discounts started out as an idea to bring together as many e-cigarette and vaping industry vendors possible to one website. Then have those vendors post discounts, deals or sales. This has spiraled into what Vaping Discounts has become today. We are located in a small town in the great state of South Dakota.

The Owner: A little about me for those who want to know. I have been vaping off and on for over 5 years. I finally kicked the smoking habit over two years ago when I decided that my children need me around a tad bit longer. Both my wife and I are vapers and it has changed our lives for the better. Through vaping I have met so many wonderful people that I decided one day to create 411Vapes.com to do reviews. From doing reviews I decided that there needs to be a site show casing vape discounts without all the drama of other discount sites. That is how Vaping Discounts came to life. With the help of a friend, we brought many vendors together to launch the site and it has become what you see today.
Working with great vendors like Vapor Stands, Crystal Canyon Vapes, Derallecigs and The Juice Cartel has allowed Vaping Discounts the ability to take on reviewing products also.

Vaping Discounts will soon merge with 411Vapes Reviews to bring the best of both worlds to Vapers every where.

As VapingDiscounts.com continues to grow we look forward to bringing on many more vendors who are looking to get their names and products out to the vaping community.

As long as it’s a discount, deal or savings then it’s on Vaping Discounts!

Vaping Discounts Staff and contact information:

Kelly Kaderabek – Owner/Editor/Reviewer  Email Me

Vendors – If you’re interested in a review or have a sale you would like advertised then drop us an email. We are here to help get your name out into the vaping community!



  1. If I order something how long will it take to ship to Florida……closest estimated time? Please

  2. Jeff, everything posted on Vaping Discounts is shipped by the seller so depending on what seller it could take any where from a couple days to a few weeks.

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