Verde Valley Vapes Fathers Day Sale 2017

10% Off and Free Eliquid During Verde Valley Vapes Fathers Day Sale

June 17, 2017 V3 Fathers Day Sale

Verde Valley Vapes Fathers Day Sale 2017Happy Fathers Day Sale At Verde Valley Vapes.

Give dad a gift he will enjoy during the 2017 Verde Valley Vapes Fathers Day Sale!
“We’re starting the sale, now, and it runs through Monday! We’re doing 10% and double 100mls because we’re taking Saturday off and half of Friday. So, a lot of orders won’t get processed until Monday. Orders will take a couple of days longer to process, but you’ll save more money, due to it!

*Code: FathersDay* = 10% off your order 2xFree 100mls for every $25 spent,before shipping. There is a minimum purchase of $25 for the code to work.

Example: Purchase 2x100ml of any flavor for $17 each. Then, go to the Free 100ml Selector Product and choose 2 flavors and nic levels. Go check out and the $34 will drop down to $30.60 + shipping. So you’ll get 4x100ml for about $37, total!

Gross purchase price determines the qualifying level for the Free 100mls.

We re-released 12 “Limited Edition” flavors last week. Check them out!

Have a great weekend and VapeON!”



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Father’s Day Sale 2017