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This is the place for super fast sales and discounts. This is something that every site needs. One place to list all of the hot deals that last less than 24hrs. Deals for every vendor that carries electronic cigarettes, mods and vaping supplies. Flash sales can be from any and all vendors who submit them. They can also be submitted by users. Flash Sales for e-cigarettes, e-liquids and vaping mods are hot deals.

Users can submit reviews for the world to see. Vaping Discounts is also going to host reviews from 411Vapes and our very own writers.

Vendors like Crystal Canyon Vapes, Totally Wicked eLiquid and Wild Wolf Vapor shop all have discounts. Why not share these discounts on a page for everyone to find. These discounts will be updated on an hourly or semi hourly bases as time permits. All user submitted discount or sales will be verified before they are posted. Vaping Discounts encourages users and vendors to submit all sales and discounts.
Vendors are encourage to create flash sales for vaping discounts. When they are created just for we will advertise the sale with all the social media sites. This would include Facebook, twitter and google+. We will also include the advertising to and 411Vapes forum.
411Vapes will then advertise the sale on their website, facebook and twitter. This is one way that vendors and distributers can get advertising and bring more customers to their business.

E-cigarettes, eliquids, ejuice and vaping is a growing market. Businesses need to do all they can to get ahead of the competition. Vapind Discounts is giving businesses the chance to have a place to get ahead. A site to advertise their sales for little to no cost. Spread the word to your favorite ecigarette vendor or distributor that this is the place to advertise. Vaping Discounts website is now live and is the premier place to save on all your vaping needs!

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