verde valley vapes Veterans day sale

Save During The Veterans Day Sale At Verde Valley Vapes

November 11, 2017 Veterans Day Sale

verde valley vapes Veterans day saleVerde Valley Vapes Veterans Day Sale.

“We honor our Veterans

Code: Vets30ml = Take $7.99 off of one 30ml plastic bottle. It will only work on 1, but you’re more than welcome to order additional bottles. (Only good 1 time per customer)

Code: VetsDouble = 2 Free 100ml, additional, for every $25 spent (before shipping) Graph is in the sales ad, as well as on the site. Use the Free 100ml Selector Product to choose flavors for qualifying 100mls. *$25 minimum purchase to qualify*

Code: Vets25 = 25% off your order, plus 1 Free 100ml for every $25 spent before shipping.

**Bonus: Orders over $100 get a Free 240ml and orders over $200 will bump that to a 16oz!**

You can only use 1 of the codes. The Vets30ml and Vets25 codes will void any Doubles, but if you spend at least $25 you’ll qualify for 1 Free 100ml for each level. If you use the Double code, you’ll qualify for 2 Free 100ml for every $25 spent (before shipping).”

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